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help of the minister Appaji dethroned him in 1508 and ruled
till 15BI, conquered many kings and disbanded all Mussalman
regiments in those territories and presented the * sixteen gifts '
to temples with stone engraveinents and pleased all his Chris-
tian subjects.

JC'Srata Palama, p. 75.


* In S.S. 1261 Pramadi Bhadrapada ba 10 Wednesday, the
Mahamandalesvara, the lord of the eastern and the western
oceans, Hariharaya was ruling the earth with Gutti as his
nelevldu. His subordinate, the Mahamandalesvara Sujani
Miseyaraganda Vira Sri Macappa Voderu of the treasury was
ruling Sindavadi one thousand with Adavani as his capital.
His subordinate Kama Nayaka, the son of Sambajja Grauda of
Kamcadige family, a devotee of the god Mallikarjuna of
Srisaila, was ruling at Atakalagunda. Kama Kayaka made a
grant of land to the god Mulasthana Mallinatha of Atakala-
gunda on Bhadrapada su 15 at the time of the lunar eclipse,
grasiodaya in the presence of Brahmans assembled at Dar-
balada Matha at the Patalagamga.

L. R. 23, pp. 52-53.


1.    Salutation to Visnu.

2.    Praise of Yadu.

3.    Sangama came in his family.
4:.   Praise of his rule.

5.    His son was Harihara.

6.    Praise of his valour.

7.    Titles of Harihara followed by the statement that he
was ruling with great splendour.    His intimate friend was
Mallinatha, son of Havana and SoDoanayika and grandson (son's
son) of Kesava Nayaka.

* &S.   1261    Pramadi  BhSdrapada ba   10 is   not  a  Wednesday,  according    to
Mr. Swaaikannu Filial, nor does lie mention a  lunar eclipse on. Bbadrapada SQ 15u    -